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Welcome! We are the Texas Gypsies!
The Texas Gypsies are an award winning band with a unique
and eclectic style and sound all their own!

What are we up to?

We invite you to, See, Hear and Read for yourself, what the buzz about one of the premiere bands in Texas, "The Texas Gypsies" is all about. We are available for: Concerts, Festivals, Private and Corporate Events and much more!



  • "A buzz is building for the Swinging Texas Gypsies"...
    "The CD comes loaded with Charm and Chops!"... 
    Mario Tarradell (Staff Critic) --The Dallas Morning News"
  • "I also wanted to thank you for putting on such a great event.
    We had some of the best feedback in years. Truly just a fantastic evening. :)
    Tracy Anderson --Intuit Corp."
  • ""With the release of Café Du Swing, the Texas Gypsies have accomplished what few bands have even tried, let alone succeeded in doing in the past. The group blends elements of traditional small group Swing, Gypsy Jazz and Western Swing into a tightly woven fabric of 21st Century sophistication and jumpin, thumpin entertainment", -www.swingmusic.net"